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Open Bookcase Hutch

  • Open Bookcase Hutch


Size *



  • 25mm thick top 
  • 18mm Solid back panel
  • all exposed edges Solid ABS hard-edge
  • Finished in Melamine
  • 5 year warranty


  • 900L x 320D x 1080H
  • 1200L x 320D x 1080H
  • 1500L x 320D x 1080H
  • 1800L x 320D x 1080H
  • 2100L x 320D x 1080H
  • 900L x 450D x 1080H
  • 1200L x 450D x 1080H
  • 1500L x 450D x 1080H
  • 1800L x 450D x 1080H
  • 2100L x 450D x 1080H
  • 900L x 320D x 1280H
  • 1200L x 320D x 1280H
  • 1500L x 320D x 1280H
  • 1800L x 320D x 1280H
  • 2100L x 320D x 1280H
  • 900L x 450D x 1280H
  • 1200L x 450D x 1280H
  • 1500L x 450D x 1280H
  • 1800L x 450D x 1280H
  • 2100L x 450D x 1280H 

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