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Clear Screen Dividers - Straight
Clear Screen Dividers
Clear Screen Protection
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$ 428.18 - $ 715.28
3 Panel ZIP - Copper
3 Panel ZIP - Graphite
Zip Acoustic Room Divider
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$ 412.50 - $ 1,204.50
Acoustic Freestanding Partitions
Acoustic Freestanding Partitions
Acoustic Freestanding Partition
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$ 419.10 - $ 575.85
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Office Partitions in Sydney

Looking for a way to maintain a cohesive and organised workplace environment while granting your employees some privacy? Consider installing office partitions in your workspace!

Sydney Office Furniture offers you a large range of freestanding office partitions in a variety of sizes, fabric choices and colours to suit your requirements. All our partitions, which are completely movable, come with pinnable backing foams, meaning they can also double up as a notice board for your employees!

For customised workplace furniture solutions, turn to Sydney Office Furniture and order your office partitions at the best prices in Sydney. If you require help with your office refurbishment or redesigning, simply fill out your details in the form to the left and our design consultants will arrange a FREE consultation. For further information, feel free to call 02 9736 2700!

Sydney Office Furniture
With over 30 years of industry experience, we have been supplying high quality office furniture solutions to businesses throughout Sydney.
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