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BCS-1930 - Grey
BCS-1930 - Grey
Aus Open Bookshelf
$ 313.50 - $ 354.75
DK Open Bookshelves
DK Open Bookshelf 1800H
DK Open Bookshelf
$ 410.85 - $ 945.45
SWSU - Wild Oats
SWSU - Lemon Yellow
Statewide Bookshelves
$ 0.00
$ 303.60 - $ 463.65
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Open Bookcases are a great storage option for offices. Sydney Office Furniture has a range of melamine and Steel Open Bookshelves in various sizes to suit your office requirements. 

Open shelves provide easy access to frequently used items like files, binders and reference materials.  They also allow you to showcase company awards, plants, or decorative items, adding personality to the space.


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