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Staff Lockers, Gym Lockers and School Lockers

When choosing lockers for your staff, students or Gym members you first must analyse what they are likely to be storing from day to day.  Will your locker require space to hang cloths?  If so, would half height locker be suitable, or would your locker style require more space for each person like an Executive Cupboard Locker?  Are lockers only required to store small devices or mobile phones and charging capabilities should be included in the locker?

With all locker styles you can choose integrated seats and locker stands to complete your locker room space.  Once you determine the type of locker you require it is important to look at the space available to install the lockers and fit out the space accordingly.

At Sydney Office Furniture we can help you choose the correct Locker for your staff and help design the space to maximise the quantity of lockers required by your business.  Call us today to discuss your Staff Locker requirements 02 9736 2700

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